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Posted 1 month ago @ 9:45AM

Winter Sports Info Night Summary

For those that joined us for Winter Sports Info Night, thank you! It was great to meet more of the Cicero Community and to introduce more of our coaches. The information that was shared was about the new registration process. The process starts with the Jotform that is below. At the end of the Jotform you will see that it asks you make sure that your athlete has physical that was completed after March 30th. If your athlete does not have a physical, they will not be able to participate in tryouts NO EXCEPTIONS. Once the physical has been completed, it needs to be uploaded to BigTeams (on our website).


Other important information:

  • Roster spots may be limited due to resources. This means that if we do not have another coach for a second or third team we will not field a team. Or if we do not have enough athletes for a second team, we will not field a team and hope for the best. We want to start building a healthier culture in the athletic department and to make sure coaches are successful and teams are successful, we will limit spots if necessary.
  • If we do limit spots, we will give other options. We will have resources for you and your kids.
  • Autumn Kish will now be the contact point for middle school/head of middle school sports! We are really excited to have Autumn be the lead of the middle school!


Current Coaches List:

Joel Reichert: Boys Varsity Soccer

Autumn Kish: Girls Varsity Soccer

Skyler Hood: Boys Varsity Basketball

Nate Jimmerson: Boys JV Basketball

Eric Lewis: Girls Varsity Basketball

Sergio Pedraza: Middle School Boys Soccer A Team

Ruben Rodriguez: Middle School Girls Soccer A Team

Loring Zeff: Middle School Coed Tennis

Erik Carlson: Middle School Baseball A Team


  • We do not have enough athletes signed up for a middle school softball team. WE DO NOT WANT TO CANCEL IT. We have 30 girls signed up for soccer and only one coach (currently). If your athlete is new to soccer and they just want to participate in sports, we really want to encourage them to play softball. If we get enough people to play softball (12 athletes) We will figure out coaching as fast as possible. That may mean that practices start a little later than normal, but we will not have practice until we have a coach.
  • We are working on hiring another girls' soccer coach but have had no luck in the hiring process. If you are someone you know may be interested in coaching girls B team soccer, please email Autumn at or
  • Practice Times for the week of October 30th:

Girls Basketball:

Monday - Friday: 3:30 to 5pm


Boys Basketball:

Monday 5pm to 7pm

Tuesday 3:30 to 5pm

Wednesday-Thursday: 5 to 7pm


Varsity: 5pm to 7pm

JV: 7pm to 8:30pm


Boys Soccer and Girls Soccer (all at Scottsdale Sports Complex):

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 4pm to 6pm

Wednesday: 3pm to 5pm

Friday: 2 to 4pm


Middle School Sports starts on the week of November 6th


Girls Soccer:

Monday and Wednesday: 3:30pm to 5pm at Cicero Prep


Boys Soccer:

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 3:30pm to 5pm at Cicero Prep


Coed Tennis:

Monday, Tuesday and Friday: 4pm to 5:30pm at Indian School Park



Monday: 5pm to 6pm at SRP Field 1

Wednesday: 4pm to 6pm at SRP Field 1



No schedule yet due to not enough participants.


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